Monday, September 22, 2008

Sweet Memories.

I'm sure I've said this a million times, but I am so thankful I was able to go to Yankee Stadium this summer. I will forever remember what it was like to be in a stadium with so much history. That's what the stadium is leaving with millions of people- sweet memories. I spent all of my Sunday from after church to bedtime watching ESPN and soaking it all in. I wasn't sure what it would be like to see Mariano come out of the pen for the last time or see the team leave the field. It was definitely a day full of chill bumps- did you hear how loud they cheered for Bernie? My mom said she teared up, don't blame her. The whole game was great. I am so glad Pettitte got a win and that his team backed him up with several runs. I thought Jeter gave a wonderful speech and then to see them walk the whole field was amazing to see. The funniest moment of the night was to look at the Orioles and see them all snapping away at this amazing team, and then to watch them run out to the pitchers mound and gather up dirt. Speaking of gathering up dirt, did you see how much Mariano took home?! :) Can't imagine a better way for the Yankees to end an era (I would have liked them to mention Joe Torre). I talked to several people who respected how they ended the stadium, and several of those people either hate baseball or just highly dislike the Yankees. I even got a text message last night that said "It was a sad day for baseball"-luckily though, there is a whole other side to this bittersweet ending. I personally can't wait to make a visit to the new stadium where Derek Jeter will be the long living legend there.

FYI-The Red Sox lost tonight putting them 6 ahead of the Yankees. I am not getting my hopes up, but there is still a LARGE part of me that would love to see these guys [Yankees] in the postseason.

My first visit to the stadium this real close for BP and super close to Joba!

I can't imagine what it will look like when the stadium isn't in that exact location!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Why am I so happy?

Because Phil Hughes pitched and pitched pretty well. He was only in there for 4 innings and threw a lot of pitches, but he only allowed one run. This may not sound very impressive, but if you are Phil Phan then this is amazing to see. Thank goodness he had the other Phil [Coke] back him up. Coke is pretty impressive, I think he's thrown 9 scoreless innings. Too bad Mo didn't get to close. The Yankees won. Only a few games left in the Stadium and they desperately need to win. As I am typing this, We Are Marshall is on and the scene in the football stadium after the plane crash with the sad music is playing-seems slightly fitting thinking about this era coming to an end. (the music not all the dying is fitting) I still can't believe it. I am just so thankful I got to go to Yankee Stadium this year for the first has such an undescribable feeling. All that history...ok enough sorrow. The new stadium seems pretty cool, a little too modern, but definitely nice. I plan on, somehow, going next year to it. Hopefully gas prices lower to in turn lower airfare. I am STILL so glad Phil survived tonight and wasn't ruffed up too bad.

Some new things in my life
*I am taking a tennis class and am slowly getting better. I either hit the ball way too hard or in the wrong court. I played for an hour tonight and have class tomorrow morning, so that will be 4 times this week. You better believe I will be the next Federer!
*I am loving this quarter, but as graduation is rapidly approaching I am FREAKING out. What do I really want to do with the rest of my life? Honestly, I would like to do a lot of traveling. Too bad I need money to do that, which I am definitely lacking in.
*I am ready to vote for a president for the first time ever. I have been trying to follow it as best as time allows and I have found some things I like and don't like. I will say that I think McCain and Palin are going to bring a nice touch to the White House. I won't really get on anything that I don't like (Obama) whoops...didn't mean to type that :)

I have a test to study for. Whoever reads this anymore: Have a wonderful week!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hurricanes and Unpacking

That is what my day consisted of yesterday. School starts on Thursday so I needed to come to Ruston yesterday to get situated considering I left my room here in a major mess. Jenna, one of the roomies, calls and tells me to hurry because the storm was coming. I packed up my car and for the first time since I started school, I brought all my stuff by myself. I had every inch of my car packed down with clothes and groceries. I thought I would be sad driving to Ruston knowing that is was my last time to drive there to start school, but I wasn't. I remember 4 years ago leaving my waving parents behind as I entered a new phase in my life, except that drive I cried the whole way. I think I am just really ready for school to be over with for good. I got in Ruston at around 2 and finished unpacking and cleaning at around 9:30ish and guess what happened the very second I got done? The power went out! Gustav blew through LA yesterday and it brought some pretty bad storms with it. Limbs were down everywhere and I was certain the wind was going to knock my house off of it's foundation. The power was out for over 2 hours and we lit like 20+ candles. I took this downtime to read. I love it when the power goes out. After the power came back on, some friends came over and we hung out and I finally went to sleep at around 1:30ish. So that was my day....a hurricane and unpacking. Doesn't that sound just SO exciting?

Didn't get to watch...but the Yankees WON. Yep, not a typo. They actually won. It was a makeup game against Detroit and I read the pitching was pretty bad but luckily the opposing pitchers weren't so great either since we scored 13. I am still holding out for a Wild Card position...for a few more days at least. Maybe they will win the next 7 straight and Boston will lose the next 7. It's a possibility :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

It feels good to be home.

I got a little bored and decided to make the blog a little more eye appealing. I think it looks pretty cute-thanks to! I've been home for a week now and have been enjoying it. My lovely parents surprised me with an all new room: new furniture and a bed that is super comfy. I was reminded that it is the guest room and the furniture is not mine to take...but I am planning on convincing them otherwise after I graduate :) During the week I shopped, ate out, saw friends, shopped, watched movies, and shopped. Pick up on anything? I spent a little too much money...but they were all slightly practical items.
One of my most enjoyable things to catch up this past week was baseball. I was able to watch the games on MLBtv again and was very glad to see the Yankees sweep the Orioles (even with Pavano pitching!). Now if they can continue to do the same with the Red Sox to clinch the WildCard and then win their 27th World Series. Hopeful? Yes. Is there really even a chance at this point? Absolutely, you would have to be crazy to rule them out with so many games left. I have missed blogging about baseball!
I started ToolTopia again today and somehow remembered just about everything. It's been an amazing company to work for! This weekend football season starts- La Tech vs. Mississippi State- and I am way beyond excited. School starts next Thursday. S.E.N.I.O.R. I should be excited about this, but all I can think about is what happens after August 16, 2009. I am not nervous at all to be in the "real" world; I'm just nervous about what I am going to do in the "real" world. The job I am going to school for is very, very competitive so I need some backup plans. I would love a job that allowed me to travel. Ugh-I don't want to think about jobs now.

Thanks to anyone who read this while I was in NY this summer, wish I could have posted more.
Hopefully I will keep this more updated now...hopefully!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another summer day has come and gone away...

I am almost home! Not sure how it happened...I seriously feel like I have been here for years. I'm not sure how I feel about coming home. I am more than ready to be home and with my friends and family but there's something nice about this place. I think i'm going to miss taking care of people. This whole summer has been about kids and their needs 24/7 and I haven't cared about what I want- which has been a very humbling experience. I guess I can't imagine going home and just sitting around doing nothing while not making some sort of impact. I guess I just learned that I am a do-er....but no worries, I will be soaking up every ounce of attention and pampering I can get when I do arrive home :) I guess the solution would be to go home and do something for others there. I really can't wait to tell everyone all my stories and share pictures. There is so much I want to do. I'm afraid I'm going to spend way too much money when I get back!

-Here are some things I have learned about myself in the 9 weeks of being away-

I can make friends anywhere. I had a major fear of not making friends when I got here but the exact opposite happened. I met people who I am sure I will keep in touch with for a long time and I am glad to know that if I ever go outside of my comfort zoneI will be just fine.

When people work together for a specific purpose, the differences among them seem to melt away. Here at camp we all cared about the needs of the kids and we were willing to do whatever it took to meet those needs. That was our sole purpose and when we set our eyes on that, it didn't matter if you were black or white, liberal or conservative, tall or short, Christian or Jew, gay or straigt, outgoing or shy. I was blown away by no matter how much people could argue about politics and religion, and there were lots, when it came to working with the kids it just didn't matter. Everyone wanted to make a difference in a child's life and we were all able to look past our differences...even the most drastic ones. I haven't really been exposed to "different" people, I actually tended to shy away. But this summer I had to work with them no matter what I agreed and disagreed on them about...and I am glad that I was able to look past differences and finally realize that behind each identity is a human. We were all created in the same way, everyone just takes on their own unique identity. But I can't forget that behind it all we're all pretty much the same. I guess I learned to be more open and accepting of others and know that I can be right next to people who believe the polar opposite from me and not be changed by them- we can simply work together and let our differences form a great strength.

I don't have a lot of fears. Can be bad, can be good. This would take up WAY too much space, so just ask me. Yesterday though, I lessened a fear of heights by tackling a high ropes course, and I stepped right by a big snake yesterday and didn't freak too bad. And my greatest accomplishment: going to NYC on a day off all by myself and loving every second of it!

I need to go to bed, just wanted to say hi :) I miss everyone more than words can say and I am so so so so so so so so so excited to see everyone again!!!!!
here's one of my sweet campers, Ellie :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The countdown begins!

10 more days left of camp! I am pretty excited, but a little sad at the same time. I love New York and the kids (for the most part) but I am SO ready to see my family and friends. My bunk has been pretty much hilarious here recently. I have nailed sign language, or at least I know the alphabet which is how one of my girls communicates. Yesterday was by far the most interesting to date, so I will share it with you...enjoy :)
I was LOD the previous night so I had to watch the girls until midnight and sleep lightly in case anyone got up or made noises in the night. I was getting ready to take a shower at 7:40, which is against the rules if you are LOD, and I got in my towel to walk out of the bathroom when one camper walks up to me. She was halfway in the bathroom and half in the bunk and let me point out that she was 1 ft away from the stall, so what does she do? PEES right there on the floor. Talk about an exciting way to start the day. I have to shower her and clean up the mess, luckily with help from another counselor who woke up. We woke all the girls up and find that two more had to be showered because they wet the bed. When a kid has an accident the counselor has to clean their clothes in the sink and hang them up to we were doing a lot of laundry. Later in the day I am walking with my bunk and our sister bunk and one of the girls motions to hold my hand so I accept. Next thing I know she has my thumb bone in her mouth-she bit me extremely's little sore type right now. I have to get it checked out by a nurse because it's a health precaution when a kid bites you. The girl was picked up by her parents that day because that was her 10th bite in like 2 days. Then we had lunch and the girl who had an accident had another one in the dining hall-so back in the shower we went. After lunch we had adventure and we fairly deep in the woods when yet again, she had another one. I had to maneuver my way out of the woods alone with a camper who is nonverbal. We then had pool swim and one of my campers had an accident in her bathing suit and it wasn't pee. She somehow managed to get it on her as well. We got her showered and after that she had to go to the restroom. She comes out of the shower and wipes her hiney on a towel and made a rather large mess. She had 2 showers in 10 minutes. AHHHHH...these girls are older girls so it's kind of sad there are so many accidents. They are super sweet though and I am basically immune to any sort of accident. I wish I could bring them home and let them meet yall. One calls me Auntie Amanda and one calls me, which makes us all laugh, A Momma. They are cuties :)
I haven't posted any pictures of the campers but I do have favorite! Gilisa was a stubborn 6 year old with downs syndrome. Her vocabulary consisted of mostly: stop it, no, and f-you. Honestly. She spoke her own language. We clicked though for some reason and she completely melted my heart! I have lots of pictures of her but this is a picture that is already on the computer:

There she is...such a happy smile. She lost that tooth one night while she was here.

Have a great day and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD :) love you!!!

I miss everyone!

Friday, August 1, 2008


There's only 15 more days left and then I will be on a plane headed to Houston on the 17th! I am excited to see everyone soon and share all my stories and pictures. Yesterday was my day off and I spent it in NYC. A co-counselor of mine, Dani, went with me and we decided to see a baseball game. YES, I went to THE Yankee Stadium. I will tell you the journey of going to the game. I spent the 2 hour train ride on my phone's internet, specifically, trying to find tickets to the sold out game. I talked to a few guys until I stumbled upon Vassili who as selling the tickets for $100 a piece. I said I could do $75 and he misunderstood me so we got the tickets for $120 for both. He called and we met him at the corner of 34th and 5th at the Empire State Building. He comes walking towards us and we chat for a second and he hands me the tickets and I hand him a wad of cash. He didn't even count the money-it seriously looked like a drug deal. We hop on the subway to the Bronx, we asked an NYPD cop for directions, and stepped of on River Ave. I was an extremely happy person at this point. We walk to where the players come out but we were there too late to see the players. I did see Chris Britton, who happened to pitch that night, and the Angels team rolled up in a Mercedes charter bus so that was cool to see. We go into the stadium at 5 and head straight for the very bottom of the stadium. We found a spot and guess who was RIGHT in front of me? Joba Chamberlain-a little surge of giddiness entered me. I could have talked to him if I wanted, but I have way too much poise to talk to a major league pitcher :) All the sudden A-Rod or Jeter (I assume) hit a ball during BP and it comes flying our way, the girl I was with stuck her hand in the air and caught it. WOW! It had a bat mark, grass and dirt stain, and the Yankee final season logo was slightly smudged. I was extremely jealous but really glad she caught it because I held onto it for like an hour. We made our way to our seats, which were pretty good for the price, and I was able to see Pettitte pitch and watch Pudge make his Yankee debut. At the 8th we moved as far down as the guards would let us and it was a wonderful view. The Yankees lost, but it definitely was an exciting game with lots of HR. I really want to go back!

I will get pictures up soon, I promise :)